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fre·mo·cen·trist (f'mō-sĕn'trĭst) n. one who deeply believes all in the universe revolves around the Seattle neighborhood of Fremont - fremocentric adj. see Kirby Lindsay
       The Archives: Published October 22, 2010 - The Fremocentrist
Read A Book, Get A Chance At A Bike

by Kirby Lindsay

Get A Chance At A Bike img1Hey, Kids!  Want a free bike, with a new helmet and bike lock?  Who doesn’t, right?

Well, between October 16th and December 16th, 2010, children registered for first to fifth grades can earn an opportunity to win a free bike – four will being given away on December 18th – for reading three age-appropriate books, of their own choosing.  It really is that simple.

‘A Rewarding Program’

For the second year, Doric Lodge #92 has sponsored this program, in conjunction with the Fremont Branch of the Seattle Public Library.  Yet, John Flynn, Worshipful Master for the Doric Lodge, reported that the ‘Bikes For Books’ program has been successfully sponsored by Masonic groups all over the country for approximately 10 years.

“We’ve found it to be a very rewarding program,” Flynn explained, “and a very simple program.”  On December 18, at 1p, they will host a reception and draw the names of the winners of the bikes at the Fremont Library (731 N 35th St.)  Winners must be present.  Last year, “the kids were very excited,” Flynn described, with the first to third graders over-flowing in their enthusiasm.

This year, Wright Brothers Cycle Works did such a good job procuring the bikes at a special price that they’ve added another category, for fourth and fifth graders.  Charles Hadrann, the owner of Wright Brothers, described how the Lodge members came by the shop, “and we assembled the bikes while enjoying beer and pizza.”  He also donated the helmets and bike locks because, as he paraphrased Groucho Marx, “outside of a dog, books are a kid’s best friend.  Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.”

‘The Art of Reading’

Flynn sees a need to get kids reading.  “The art of reading is becoming lost,” he said.  Children from Fremont, and B.F. Day Elementary School, will hopefully participate, but any child in Seattle is eligible, Fremont Librarian Ellinor James explained.  Any child can stop by, get a form to take home and write down the titles of three books they read.  The forms must be submitted before December 16th, to a librarian at the Fremont Branch along with a short oral report on one of the books.  Children can increase their chances by submitting another form for every three books they read.

At 1p on Saturday, December 18, Doric Lodge #92 will present four bikes – to a boy and to a girl in grades 1 to 3, and to a boy and to a girl in grades 4 to 5.  The reception will be open-to-the-public, and include a presentation of certificates of achievement to every child who participated.

Becoming Better Men

Established in Fremont in 1892, Doric Lodge #92 has served in the Fremont community for over 100 years.  Beyond ‘Bikes for Books,’ they participate in the Fremont Fair, the Solstice Parade and have hosted community art events in their building, that they built in 1909, at 619 N 36th.

“Our motto is, ‘we’re good men working together to become better men to help our community,” Flynn said, of the 130 active members.  “Not all live here, but all feel part of Fremont,” he said, and “any man who is interested,” can drop-in at one of their monthly dinners, which start around 6p on the first Tuesday of each month, or call 206/632-7868.

A program like ‘Bikes for Books,’ Flynn admitted, “truly is what we like to do.”  By holding a drawing, Hadrann pointed out, every child has a chance.  The winner need not be the best reader, he said, and every child that reads has a chance.  Good luck to all!

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