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Be Proactive About Safety

by Kirby Lindsay, posted 7 January 2013


Avoid crime by being prepared - like taking steps to better health! Photo by Alan Cleaver, May '09

Safety, in your home and business, takes being proactive.  Kristi Roze, Manager at Absolute Security Alarms, encourages thinking of security measures like taking steps to better health.  She pointed out that being proactive, “can stop the ‘what-ifs’ from ever happening.”  Everyone knows to call 9-1-1 after witnessing, or being the victim of, a crime. “If I’m a home or business owner”, Roze recommended, “I’m going to do what I can to lower the odds in the first place,” and make my business and/or home a less likely target.

The Path of Most Resistance

The Absolute Security Alarms website contains a long list of practical suggestions for making your property safer.  “There are people that are out there,” acknowledged Roze, a 9-year police veteran, “that commit these break-ins as if it’s their full-time job; it’s almost like their career.”  They want to steal something of value, and the damage they cause makes little difference to them.  “They are frequently driven to committing burglaries to feed a drug habit,” Roze observed.

Kristi Roze, of Absolute Security Alarms, has advice to give on staying safe. Photo provided by Absolute Security

“It important to note that it is a crime of opportunity,” Roze explained of those drug related break-ins.  She recommended keeping doors and windows locked at home, even when someone is there.  ‘Most burglaries take place during daylight hours, when they expect you to be at work,’ she wrote.  Criminals will try door handles, and enter when they find one unlocked – not expecting someone to be home.

“A criminal is looking for the path of least resistance when deciding which home to break into,” Roze says, “If your home looks occupied, if there’s good lighting, if there’s an alarm yard sign and if hedges are trimmed, this is not likely a house they are going to hit.”

A Quick Assessment

As we step into a new year, and hopefully a safer one, take a moment as you arrive home, or at work, for a quick assessment.  What do you see? Is there adequate lighting during the dark months?  Are your hedges trimmed back?  Does your house/storefront look occupied, or empty?

“You want a well-lit space,” Roze observed, “Remember, their fear is getting caught, so they look to the easiest target.”  Consider these suggestions from the Absolute Security website:

  • Replace outside perimeter lighting with motion activated lamps.
  • Remove shrubs, or place a light on them, if they can conceal a waiting burglar from sight.
  • Place timers on a few inside lights, to give the appearance that someone is home – and vary the time so that a pattern isn’t easily discernible.
  • Don’t hide keys outside the home, as they will be found.  Leave a spare with a trusted neighbor.
  • Leaving ladders/tools outside, or available, can trigger a burglar’s impulse.
  • Always keep a cell phone in the bedroom with you, in case the main phone line becomes deactivated.

Take stock of the surrounding of your home, for overgrown shrubs and other ways it looks like an easy target. Photo by David Antis, Aug '09

Another important suggestion – if you do arrive at home or work and see signs of entry, Do Not Enter!  Go to the neighbors and call 9-1-1 – and look for strange cars and/or people nearby while waiting for a police response.

Another Puzzle Piece

Absolute Security can help with a security system, and Roze or another of the trained Security Consultants can conduct a free assessment.  “Insurance will discount for a security system installation before a burglary,” Roze observed, but after a crime, discounts also disappear.  “It’s a proactive move, like wearing a seatbelt,” she explained.

Absolute Security also does service and repair of equipment provided by other companies.  The owner of the Ballard based company has been in the alarm industry for more than 25 years, and strives to provide customer service beyond compare.  Additionally, Absolute Security utilizes some of the highest quality equipment available, including systems that can integrate seamlessly into your smart phone. “The great thing in the alarm industry is that all alarm companies give away a core package of equipment in exchange for monitoring,” explained Roze, “So why wouldn’t you want great equipment that melds to your life?”

Another way to be proactive - a security system installed by Absolute Security Alarms.

Roze knows, from her time with the police, that a very small percentage of the population commits a large majority of reported crimes.  “These are not people that just go out and commit one burglary,” she said.  Surveillance cameras for your home or business can dramatically aid in fighting crime.  A camera image may not catch the thief in the act, but it can lead police to a solid arrest.  Once arrested, the police can serve search warrants, Roze explained, and often find evidence to convict on a string of other crimes.

“Surveillance cameras are just one more piece of the puzzle,” Roze described.  Be proactive, and take steps to make your property – whether business or home – safer in 2013.  Consult the Absolute Security website for more ideas – or contact them for a free assessment of potential surveillance cameras or security alarms.  Be Safer, Fremont!

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